Meet The Plastics

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada are playing with plastics By Max Reid, Allison Rogers I n our society, many find the act of throwing the lid of their coffee cup in the recycling and the cup in the garbage is a borderline reflex. It doesn’t feel right to put one in the other’s spot when […]


CANADIAN AUTO RECYCLERS2016 EDITION With Steve Fletcher “Canadian Auto Recyclers is a pillar of the industry in both Canada and around the world. I was touched to be asked to be on the cover. I followed in the footsteps of industry leaders I have long admired, and to join their number was a tremendous honour.” […]

What does Auto Recycling Mean to Kids?

By Anna Woodbeck Hi I’m Anna. I am 10 years old. One day when I was at my Dad’s work I met Darryl Simmons from Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine. That day was a P.A. Day for me, and I went to help my Dad do Inventory. I really like that job. I get to check […]


Why catalytic converters became a hot commodity By Max Reid Whether your car is your absolute pride and joy or just a metal box that takes you to work, it’s important to realize that every time you park your vehicle and walk away, you’re essentially leaving a small pile of gold unattended. Well, not quite […]


Steve Fletcher’s update on ARC electric research efforts By Allison Rogers For those that missed the party, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) hosted a four-and-a-half-hour live webinar session last November, where five different speakers shared their perspectives on vehicle electrification in Canada and how automotive recyclers will fit into the mix. Featuring speakers Joanna […]

On the Horizon

By Ros MacDonald ESG is more than another acronym—it could impact your business Companies traded on the stock market are feeling pressure to become more sustainable in compliance with a series of metrics titled ESG reporting, short for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Althoughauto recycling facilities tend to be small business far removed from the stock […]

Who Knew?

By Ron MacDonald Even crises can have a silver lining The auto recycling industry is famous for seeing potential and opportunity in matters that other sectors of the industry would classify as waste. It’s no surprise then that auto recyclers would find creative solutions and inspiring ways to thrive during the pandemic—an unprecedented crisis wreaking havoc […]

Just Jamie

Jamie Maillet is just getting started Like many auto recyclers, Jamie said JLM had a great 2021—and it’s only set to continue with the completion of several new projects in 2022. Jamie Maillet has spent most of her life in auto recycling. Even still, the daughter of Dave and Kathy McDonald, owners of Hamilton, Ontario’s […]


TECHEMET Reaping riches through smelting and refinement CALL US TODAY! 519-452-0007 ADDRESS 770 Wright St., Strathroy, ON 1521 Trinity Dr., Mississauga, ON WEBSITE Techemet Headquarters, Pasadena TX Techemet is proudly one of the largest recyclers of platinumgroup metals in the world, processing millions of end-of-life catalytic converters each year. The company’s origins can be […]

PGM of Texas

PGM OF TEXAS METAL MADE FOR MORE Taking precious metals to their highest and best purpose CALL US TODAY! 1-844-271-9198 ADDRESS 2809 S, I-35, San Marcos, TX 78666, United States WEBSITE PGM of Texas is a leader in the efficient reclamation of metals that are essential to the American way of life. Founded in […]