What does Auto Recycling Mean to Kids?

By Anna Woodbeck

Hi I’m Anna. I am 10 years old. One day when I was at my Dad’s work I met Darryl Simmons from Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine. That day was a P.A. Day for me, and I went to help my Dad do Inventory. I really like that job. I get to check and make sure that parts on the shelf are located properly by comparing what the computer says to where the parts actually are.

Darryl asked me if I would write about what Auto Recycling means to kids. I don’t know a lot about Auto Recycling but I’m going to try. Auto Recycling is great for our community and earth because it helps so good parts don’t go to waste.

Woodbeck Auto Parts buys cars that have been in accidents and sells the parts that are still good. There are lots of people who work at Woodbeck Auto Parts that do different things.

My Dad buys all the cars on his computer and when the cars come they are looked at and the good parts are inventoried. There are people who then take the cars apart and do testing. These guys also drain the cars of all the oil and gas. Some parts are put on the shelf and the cars are parked in the yard. When a part is sold someone gets it off the shelf or from the car. Then the parts are delivered or sent on a truck.

I also like when the car crusher comes. One time the man let me push the buttons to crush the car, it was so cool.

I have also got to go The OARA Conference a bunch of times with my Dad, Mom and Brother. We get to go to all the tables and get stamps and visit with people. But the best part is getting to swim in the pool.

Thank You,

Sincerely, Anna Woodbeck

Anna Woodbeck is the daughter of Greg Woodbeck, the co-owner of Woodbeck Auto Parts. When she’s not at school, she likes to go swimming and play outside with her family.

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