What are the advantages of auto recycling?

December 20, 2018 — We rely on it to take us everywhere and it plays a huge role in our lifes.  Meanwhile the rest of our environment is paying the price.
Yes, I’m reffering to the four wheels we rely on daily. But, it’s not just the continuous use of  driving around that’s damaging, it’s the whole life-cycle of a vehicle. Right from the manufacturing point and all the way to it’s end-of-life processing.
In fact, about one-third of the total environmental damage caused by vehicles happens before it even hits the road. When you think about all of the components of a vehicle — the ores, plastics, and rubbers– they have  been mined, smelted and refined to create this invention that we can’t live without. These parts are then manufactured and transported to other locations.
Fast-forwarding to the end-of-life vehicle processing, this causes extreme risk to the environment. Vehicles contain harmful fluids and coolants which can really put a dent on the earth if they aren’t dismantled properly.
That’s where the role of an auto recycler comes in and saves the day. Over 80 percent of a vehicle’s parts can now be reused and recycled. Auto recyclers have a responsibility to help save the enirovnment and lower the volume of our carbon footprint.
It’s been shown that modern auto recycling methods have decresed production by 80 million barrels that would be used to manufacture new vehicles.
The unusable components are scrapped and shredded and the useable parts of the vehicle which are the individual metals are separated and then made into new vehicles or available for parts.
But what’s the advantage of buying recycled parts? It’s certainly the more affordable route. For instance, an OEM intake manifold could cost anywhere from $275 and $417, whereas if you were to buy the same product from a recycler, it would only be about half that cost. With some parts you could see close to a $400 price range difference.

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