B-CAR focuses on quality control

February 7, 2019 — For the past five years the British Columbia Auto Recyclers Association (B-CAR) has been gearing their focus towards implementing quality control within the auto recyclers in their province.

Right now, the province has environmental regulations put in place, but the association felt that something was missing– the ownership of industry standards.

“The industry itself has to take the lead,” says Ken Hendricks, relations advisor with B-CAR.

As a solution, a training certification program has been put in place, but only voluntarily for the time being.

Phased through five different stages the course is filled with three modules which goes over a specific aspect of the auto recycling supply chain. The courses include dismantler orientation, inventory management and parts-grading, and a standard of performance. Following the modules is another process that involves self-auditing, which then another full in-person audit is required and conducted on the facility.

For the province of B.C., the crown insurer ICBC takes the lead with putting regulations in place for auto recyclers, but according to Hendricks, their standards are not very focused. ICBC hands out a document for auto recyclers to sign that is simply just a pledge. The pledge doesn’t quantify the promise for any action. It would give the industry some assurance that auto recyclers are being held to a consistent level of standards.

“The industry is best suited to develop standards than the insurance company,” says Hendricks.

With about 20 recycling facilities out of 70 in the province already certified through their program, B-CAR is hoping that ICBC will end up endorsing their strategy. Not to mention they are also hoping that the program will reach a national level and be implemented for auto recyclers all around Canada.


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