The ARA arrives on D.C.

On April 2, ARA members met with congressional officials as part of the Hill Days event.

By CAR staff

Washington, D.C. — April 20, 2018 — Earlier this month, automotive recyclers travelled to Washington, D.C. in order to participate in the annual Hill Days lobbying event. Recyclers from nearly two dozen states arrived in the U.S. capital to ask more than 60 congressional officials to assist efforts to enforce a federal law requiring automakers to provide OEM parts data for recalled parts.

In the weeks after the event, ARA staff followed-up with many of the congressional officials. According to an ARA press release, the feedback from officials “has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The 11th annual ARA State Legislative Summit also took place, as ARA members convened to focus in-depth on legislative activity impacting the industry at the state level. This year’s discussions were led by the governmental affairs committee chair Norman Wright of Stadium Auto Parts in Denver, Colorado.The roundtable discussion touched on everything from state association lobby days, stormwater fees and programs to environmental regulations, unsafe used tire legislation, detitling bills, taxation, OEM repair procedures, electronic reporting and the continuing problem of illegal dismantlers.

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