Auto recyclers meet at the Canadian Embassy in Washington

Left to right: Brad Wood, first secretary (Commerce) Embassy of Canada, Wally Dingman, Dalbert Livingstone, David Gold, Steve Fletcher, Michael Wilson, Ed MacDonald

By Steve Fletcher

Washington, DC. — April 20, 2018 — Representatives. from the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) and  US-based Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) met with Canadian Embassy staff in Washington DC on April 2. Held at the invitation of the Embassy, the meeting saw members of both groups discuss possible ways to improve cross-border co-operation between auto recyclers.

ARA staff set up in the meeting in conjunction with Hill Days lobbying event. Gold, along with Dalbert Livingstone, Wally Dingman of Caughill Auto Wreckers and the current ARC Chairman, Ed MacDonald from Maritime Auto Parts and the past president of both ARA and ARC and myslef also attended representing Canada.

Micheal Wilson, CEO of ARA and Delanne Bernier, Director of Government Affairs represented the American delegations.

With the NAFTA re-negotiations underway, along with dangerous precedent setting of pending aluminum tariffs and trade wars, the timing of the meeting was most interesting.

We covered a number of topics including the great working relationship between ARA and ARC; obstacles and opportunities to the import and export of parts, vehicles, scrap, and cores between the two countries; and the need for better data exchange with the OEMs on both sides of the border.

The “urban-mining” of vehicles for metals – ferrous, non-ferrous, platinum group, lithium, cobalt, and rare earth metals was a great discussion as both Canada and the USA undertake studies on sources and supply of these strategic metals. While there are obvious environmental and economic benefits to recycling these metals, both countries are looking to ensure a continental supply of these critical items, and auto recyclers are a key player in ensuring these materials are made available.

The meeting concluded with a tour of the Embassy and a great photo opportunity from the rooftop patio overlooking the US capital.


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