Stand Clear: Tesla Model S catches fire after three weeks in scrapyard

California, United States – In the latest oddity surrounding a Tesla vehicle catching on fire, a White Tesla Model S in a California scrapyard seemed to spontaneously burst into flames. The vehicle, having been wrecked three weeks earlier, suddenly erupted into flames despite its inactivity.

The car was covered in flames when firefighters arrived. Despite their best efforts, the fire continually reignited due to the residual heat’s effect on the battery compartment.

After turning the car on its side to spray water directly on the battery compartment, Junkyard workers and firefighters used a tractor to create a hole in the dirt. They then moved the Tesla Model S into the hole itself, subsequently filling the hole with water, and submerging the problematic battery compartment. This solved the fire reignition issue, therefore ending the blaze itself.

The fire burned hotter than 1,600 degrees Celcius, or 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Capt. Parker Wilbourn of the Sacramento Metro Fire Department. It took more than 17,000 litres of water (4,500 gallons) to extinguish the flames. The fire department has yet to determine what caused the blaze.

This comes after another Tesla vehicle (Model Y) shut down in the middle of a busy North Vancouver Street late last month, trapping the driver inside, as it burst into flames.

It appears spontaneous fires are a commonality of the Tesla brand. This most recent fire, however, shows that these fires can also occur when not in use, and even after sitting for a lengthy period of time.
Tesla has not released a statement on the blaze.



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