EZ as 1, 2, Suite: Final OARA Spring Training session discusses EZ-QC, EZ-Suite features

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) wrapped up its Spring Training series last week. The four-part educational seminar covered topics largely born from discussion at the April 2022 OARA Convention and Trade Show. EZ-Suite’s Chris Atencio, director of sales, and Alex Bechstein, director of operations, led last Wednesday’s session. The duo touched […]

Stand Clear: Tesla Model S catches fire after three weeks in scrapyard

California, United States – In the latest oddity surrounding a Tesla vehicle catching on fire, a White Tesla Model S in a California scrapyard seemed to spontaneously burst into flames. The vehicle, having been wrecked three weeks earlier, suddenly erupted into flames despite its inactivity. The car was covered in flames when firefighters arrived. Despite […]

On the Right Track: Right to Repair petition presented to House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario — With 1,786 signatures, the petition for Right to Repair legislation has reached the House of Commons. Presented on June 21, this petition surpassed its initial goal of 500 signatures by a wide margin. Supported by MP Brian Masse (Windsor-West), this legislation advocates for the rights of consumers to allow independent repair shops […]

Toyota Undead: OEM partners with Redwood Materials to recycle EV batteries

Nevada, United States — The 25-year-old initial release of the Toyota Prius gains a new lease on life–at least somewhat–through a partnership between former Tesla CTO JB Straubel’s company Redwood Materials and car manufacturer Toyota. This partnership aims to help supply and recycle original Prius and EV batteries, through the acquisition, salvaging and refurbishment of […]