IAA BID. BUY. REPAIR. CALL US TODAY! 1-866-485-4285 ADDRESS 90 Burnhampthorpe Road W Mississauga, ON, Canada L5B 3C3 WEBSITE ca.iaai.com IAA IMPACTING THE CANADIAN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY For IAA, celebrating 40 years in Canada is far more than a milestone— it’s a testament to the company’s continuous evolution, its embrace of technology and innovation and commitment […]


NWCP PMR Introduces NWCP – A Copper Recycling Subsidiary CALL US TODAY! 1-866-500-5254 1-450-232-1030 ADDRESS 11775 Rue Service A3 Mirabel, QC, CANADA J7N 1E6 WEBSITE www.nw-cp.com PMR inc., industry leader in converter processing, expands their ventures into copper recycling with new subsidiary. Introducing NWCP: A Unique Opportunity for Copper Recyclers With an expected CAGR of […]

Industry Intersection: CARI to co-host events with ARAAC-ARC meeting in Halifax, N.S.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) and Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) board are partnering with the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) to co-host events in Halifax, N.S. from June 8 to 10. This was described as “the first time the dismantling and scrap industries have met,” according […]

Icy Energy: Cold-resistant batteries could extend EV range, says research report

Beijing, China – Riemannian surface on carbon anodes enable lithium-Ion storage at -35c–or, in more plain English, researchers led by Xi Wang of Beijing Jiaotong University may have discovered modifications allowing EV batteries to better survive harsh winter climates. According to research from ACS Central Science, the smoothness of graphite in lithium-ion batteries is enough […]

Meet The Plastics

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada are playing with plastics By Max Reid, Allison Rogers I n our society, many find the act of throwing the lid of their coffee cup in the recycling and the cup in the garbage is a borderline reflex. It doesn’t feel right to put one in the other’s spot when […]

On the Horizon

By Ros MacDonald ESG is more than another acronym—it could impact your business Companies traded on the stock market are feeling pressure to become more sustainable in compliance with a series of metrics titled ESG reporting, short for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Althoughauto recycling facilities tend to be small business far removed from the stock […]

Who Knew?

By Ron MacDonald Even crises can have a silver lining The auto recycling industry is famous for seeing potential and opportunity in matters that other sectors of the industry would classify as waste. It’s no surprise then that auto recyclers would find creative solutions and inspiring ways to thrive during the pandemic—an unprecedented crisis wreaking havoc […]