PMR Introduces NWCP – A Copper Recycling Subsidiary




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PMR inc., industry leader in converter processing, expands their ventures into copper recycling with new subsidiary.

Introducing NWCP: A Unique Opportunity for Copper Recyclers

With an expected CAGR of 5.88% between 2023 and 2028, the copper recycling industry is gaining speed on the market and setting the stage for new growth opportunities for precious metal recyclers.

Recyclers now have a unique opportunity to discover their untapped potential and explore value recovery options in the copper refining industry with NWCP.

In an era where precious metal recyclers want to achieve more with their copper material, but processing solutions are written in stone, NWCP brings more to the table. By forging ahead and pushing boundaries, they embrace the unique challenges of metal recyclers in order to create innovative services and unrivaled solutions that meet the specific needs of their suppliers.

Built on the success of cutting-edge research and development, NWCP paved the way to refined processing solutions and rapid settlement options. For case-specific suppliers, NWCP has the ability to offer payment on recovery for lot volumes that are lower than industry standards. Their unmatched services give an extra edge to recyclers, helping them capitalize on current market trends and get the most from their material.

With unparalleled buying tools, NWCP eases the purchasing process. Their industry-first photo grading app for copper material provides expert price estimations in minutes. This allows recyclers to collect or sell while optimizing their profit margins. With NWCP’s price list updated daily, recyclers get the unique chance to understand market developments and strike a good deal.

Because doing things differently is integral to NWCP’s programming, they’re devoted to keep thinking outside the box to continue developing innovative and tailored processing solutions in the years to come.

Transparent business partnerships are a testament to NWCP’s enduring commitment to their suppliers’ success. They’re not simply interested in receiving copper material. They want to help their suppliers understand, succeed, and optimize their operations at every stage of the refining process.

NWCP isn’t just the new kid on the block. They’re a metal recycling enterprise, revolutionizing copper processing through progressive, secure, and profitable solutions for all recyclers.

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