Where the Car Once Stood: Winnipeg vehicle finally removed from vacant lot after sitting for nearly a decade

Winnipeg, Manitoba — A decision has been made in the case of a derelict vehicle left abandoned in a Winnipeg lot for nearly ten years.

The lot, located on Winnipeg’s Centennial Street, does not have a fixed address, but the eyesore seems to have garnered significant negative attention from local residents.

Michael Gillespie, a representative from a company that owns a house adjacent to the lot, repeatedly commissioned the City of Winnipeg to remove the abandoned vehicle. Despite his best efforts, his pleas for help went unheard.

However, the City of Winnipeg has recently negotiated the vehicle’s move to another location, ending an almost decade long blemish on the neighbourhood.

“I just felt relief,” said Gillespie.

“There’s just this large crater in the grass where the car has sat for the better part of ten years.”

Alongside the disheveled grass also sits a no-parking sign, taunting the community that had endured a parked car in that location for years.

Despite the car’s removal, frustration over the lengthy process of getting the car removed has residents complaining about the administration’s lack of care throughout the situation.

“I’m just frankly disgusted with the City of Winnipeg administration,” said Gillespie.

“I think this entire episode demonstrates the incompetence of the administration … when it comes to dealing with bylaws that are either improperly crafted or poorly thought out or simply badly administered.”

The owner and current location of the vehicle are still unknown . However, residents may only hope that it ends up at some recycling facility, ready to meet its final demise.

Do you think that the city handled the issue effectively? What could have been done to streamline this process?


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