Another standout edition of Canadian Auto Recyclers

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine.

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) have collaborated with Media Matters since the inception of the CAR Magazine to bring you the best of the world of auto recycling across Canada.

Full of news, industry profiles, and deeper dives into the issues that affect auto recyclers (and, quite frankly, the positive effect that auto recyclers have on stakeholders as diverse as insurers, repairers, auto manufacturers and the environment itself), this magazine has proven to be a showcase for our industry and has opened doors across Canada and around the world.

We are especially proud of the work we are doing on the effect of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on auto recyclers, and the role(s) that auto recyclers need to play in this emerging sector to ensure the completion of the circular economy for EVs. This new breed of vehicles are game-changers for auto recyclers, as it is for every sector that touches vehicles today, and it is critical that we stay on top of and ahead of the issues. This singular issue has brought unprecedented (good) attention to the industry.

In addition to this annual magazine, if you want to receive a more regular update on the industry, sign up for Media Matters’ bi-weekly Canadian Auto Recyclers e-zine—the news you need to know delivered to your inbox twice per month. On behalf of the auto recyclers—thanks to the team at Media Matters and enjoy this issue!

Dalbert Livingstone

Chairman of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada


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