Water in the Works: Full Circle Lithium looks to launch water-based lithium battery fire suppression solution

Toronto, Ontario — Full Circle Lithium Corp. has announced a patent-pending Fire Suppressant Solution for electric vehicles made from recycled batteries.

The Canadian company based in Georgia recently opened a lithium processing and recycling plant and with this, a patent for a Fire Suppression Solution (FSS) meant to neutralize fires arising in lithium-ion batteries.

“Battery fires are a serious and growing problem for the global EV lithium battery industry that require a specially developed lithium chemistry-based fire-fighting solution, not currently available in the market,” Carlos Vicens, CEO of Full Circle Lithium Corp. said in a press release.

As a result, Full Circle Lithium Corp’s patent-pending technology relies on a water-based system which, according to Vicens, “is a huge advantage and improvement on the foam or gel-based solutions that are currently available and don’t get into the nooks and crannies of the batteries.”

As the system is still patent-pending, Full Circle Lithium Corp. has chosen not to discuss the specifics of the technology other than to mention that the product makes use of recycled batteries instead of having to source lithium from elsewhere.

Currently, Full Circle Lithium Corp. relies on a multi-tiered recycling, refining, and processing model in which materials are sourced from chemical companies as well as from defective automotive batteries.

While the company’s FSS is still waiting on patent approval, Viccens is hopeful that “after we complete testing, we will partner up at some point next year with a fire suppressant solution company such as the likes of Honeywell that have done this before and have the channels and capital resources to push this through a lot faster than we would as a small company.”


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