Unveiling Uni-wheel: Hyundai showcases new Uni-Wheel drive system

Toronto, Ontario — On November 28, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled a new drive system named the “Universal Drive System” or “Uni-Wheel” intended to free up space below a vehicle.

Traditionally, the space between a vehicle’s wheels has been reserved for components such as the engine, transmission, and drive shaft, among other parts. The Uni-Wheel instead embeds the functions of the reducer, drive shaft and CV joint into the wheel itself.

The intention of this invention is to liberate valuable space between the wheels for potential storage options or for the inclusion of more battery space for electric vehicles.

The function of the “Uni-Wheel” is that the system incorporates a centrally located sun gear, four pinion gears on both sides and an outer ring gear. Power generated by the motor is transmitted to the sun gear, initiating the rotation of the ring gear connected to the wheel.

Hyundai and Kia are developing a “Uni-Wheel” with an increased gear ratio to achieve greater torque with small motors. This change will also allow for independent control of driving power for each wheel.

This development thus indicates new ways that Hyundai and Kia vehicles could be manufactured as well as new procedures that could need to be implemented when recycling certain components from these automakers’ vehicles.


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