Closing the Loop: Toyota to source recycled EV battery components from Redwood Materials

Randolph County, North Carolina — In a continued push towards greater sustainability, Toyota has agreed to source Redwood Materials’ CAM and anode copper foil to use in battery production at the automaker’s future North Carolina battery manufacturing plant. Redwood Materials and Toyota have been working on building a closed-loop battery ecosystem since 2022. In regards […]

Sourcing Sustainability: Volvo to use recycled sheet metal by 2026

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo says it has secured access to near-zero emission primary and recycled sheet metal and plans to use it in an upcoming car program. Volvo will be sourcing its steel from Swedish company SSAB and plans to begin using the steel it has acquired in one of its car programs by 2026. […]

Unveiling Uni-wheel: Hyundai showcases new Uni-Wheel drive system

Toronto, Ontario — On November 28, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled a new drive system named the “Universal Drive System” or “Uni-Wheel” intended to free up space below a vehicle. Traditionally, the space between a vehicle’s wheels has been reserved for components such as the engine, transmission, and drive shaft, among other parts. The Uni-Wheel instead […]