TreadMarks Mobile set to launch in August

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario — July 17, 2014 — Anyone who has ever had to deal with paperwork will appreciate the idea behind a new application being rolled out by Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS). Called TreadMarks Mobile, the new program is a mobile manifest system that promises to virtually eliminate the paper-based forms involved in tire collection.

“Every hauler gets an iPad mini to run the application, and every collection location is issued a sign with a QR code,” says Krista Cassidy of OTS. “When the hauler shows up, they scan the code, and put all the information about the collected tires into the iPad. The application syncs up all the data. The collection location just needs to go on to the OTS account and confirm those claims as submitted.”

TreadMarks Mobile is currently rolling out, with the official launch coming on August 1, 2014.

“After the initial rollout, OTS will be working on adding additional functionality to the system, as well as an updated and more feature-rich version of the web interface for stakeholder submissions,” says Cassidy.

TreadMarks Mobile isn’t just about making the process simpler. It’s a move towards greater efficiency, and thereby helping to control the costs of Ontario’s tire recovery program.

“It certainly helps to cut down on our administration and makes things more efficient,” says Cassidy. “OTS looks forward to further collaboration with stakeholders to deliver an efficient, innovative program that continues to exceed targets.”

Special webinars were held to inform haulers, processors, and collectors about TreadMarks Mobile. Both presentations are available on the OTS website. Collectors can find the presentation at this link. The presentation for haulers and processors can be found here.

Collectors who have not yet received their QR code signs are asked to please email OTS at


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