Team with Tandem: Repurposing plastics with Tandem Recycling

Montreal, Quebec — If you have automotive plastics you don’t know what you do with—give Tandem Recycling a call.

Tandem Recycling collects end-of-life automotive plastics for recycling, where the company then turns it into remanufactured plastic resin. Remanufactured plastic resin can be used in injection molded products like auto parts, industrial components, pallets, tank containers, garbage bins and many other items. 

According to Tandem’s website, the company’s recycling plant near Montreal, Que., is capable of recycling more than 800 tons of plastic bumpers per year. The company’s trucks cycle a regular route and Tandem says it can pick up bumpers five to seven days after a collection request is placed. You must have a minimum of 30 bumpers to carry out a collection, and the parts do not have to be disposed in a separate tray; bumpers can be neatly stacked in a designated area that is accessible to Tandem’s trucks.

In Quebec, 800+ collision repairers are on Tandem’s bumper pickup program. The program also runs in Ottawa. 

For more information on Tandem Recycling, visit The company will also be present at the March 21 OARA Recycled Parts Stakeholder Roundtable. 


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