This sector is on the cutting edge of cars

Canada’s auto recyclers are on the forefront of sustainability.

By/Article de Gloria Mann

Did you know that this is the eighteenth year we have published Canadian Auto Recyclers?! Over those years, I have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of the Canadian auto recycling industry firsthand. Across my entire time in the automotive aftermarket, I have marveled at the resilience and resourcefulness of the men and women who work tirelessly to ensure that end-of-life vehicles are transformed into valuable resources through sustainable practices.

It was evident by conversations, themes and ideas at last year’s events that Canada’s auto recyclers are on the forefront of sustainability. We are building an industry to close the vehicle lifecycle loop. Last year’s OARA Convention and Trade Show was preceded by an incredible talk on electric vehicles—everyone in the audience walked away with a wallet of new information on electrification and, more importantly, what it means for the auto recycling business; from logistics and shipping to dismantling, selling batteries and beyond.

Our team at the magazine had the privilege of attending; I can tell you, in earnest, that the facts we learned that day helped set the foundation of what became Collision Repair magazine’s EV Repair Tour, which brought aftermarket EV insights to major cities across Canada. You all did that! Whether you attended the event in-person, read about it in our publications or have ever shared even the smallest idea about closing the loop, EV batteries or zero-emissions vehicles—you are on the forefront with us. This is all to say that watching your dedication, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada’s endless efforts and, of course, seeing your ever-smiling faces— these all represent a mere fraction of the ways you all keep me inspired! Canadian Auto Recyclers is not just a magazine; it is a vibrant community.

We encourage our readers to actively engage with us by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and concerns. Your contributions will enrich the discourse surrounding the industry and foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow recyclers. Together, let us build a sustainable and prosperous future for the Canadian auto recycling industry. I have all the faith in the world that you, the auto recyclers of Canada, will lead this grand venture!


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