Unveiling Uni-wheel: Hyundai showcases new Uni-Wheel drive system

Toronto, Ontario — On November 28, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled a new drive system named the “Universal Drive System” or “Uni-Wheel” intended to free up space below a vehicle. Traditionally, the space between a vehicle’s wheels has been reserved for components such as the engine, transmission, and drive shaft, among other parts. The Uni-Wheel instead […]

Closed Circuit: Hyundai partners with Quebec-based Lithion for battery recycling

Markham, Ontario — Like the person who puts the tongs back on the plate at the buffet, Hyundai Canada is striving to make the EV industry better than when they arrived by partnering with Quebec-based Lithion Recycling to handle the automaker’s battery recycling program. This move by Hyundai attempts to complete a more sustainable production […]