Closed Circuit: Hyundai partners with Quebec-based Lithion for battery recycling

Markham, Ontario — Like the person who puts the tongs back on the plate at the buffet, Hyundai Canada is striving to make the EV industry better than when they arrived by partnering with Quebec-based Lithion Recycling to handle the automaker’s battery recycling program.

This move by Hyundai attempts to complete a more sustainable production cycle for the company’s batteries by allowing for the recovery of up to 95 percent of the battery’s components in the recycling process.

“Developing electric vehicles has been a priority of ours for many years. Hyundai is now Canada’s largest distributor of mainstream electric vehicles, of which we are very proud,” said director of customer experience and aftersales for Hyundai Canada Michel Poirier. 

“As a result, we need to be proactive and develop a sustainable end-of-life disposal model for these batteries.”

According to Lithion, after the batteries are recycled, they are reintegrated into the battery development process, thus providing a nearly fully-closed production loop.

“Lithion Recycling is thrilled and proud to team up with Hyundai Canada, a visionary and very active mobility solution provider aiming to create a sustainable supply chain for its lithium-ion batteries. This service agreement will validate an economic and innovative technology that considerably reduces the carbon footprint compared to incumbent technologies and mining.” said president and CEO of Lithion Recycling, Benoît Couture.

“This type of partnership paves the way to the collaborative business model of the future, enabling battery safe disposal and close loop recovery of critical minerals and metals used in lithium-ion battery, which are needed to decarbonize transportation.”


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