All For Olives: Ford working on using discarded olive tree waste to produce car parts

Toronto, Ontario — Ford Motor Co. is continuing to work on using discarded olive tree waste and bio composites to produce car parts and reduce plastic waste. According to the automaker, the waste used includes olive tree branches, twigs and leaves in a process that blends these organic materials with bio composites and then molds […]

Return to Sender: Ford partners with Everledger to launch EV battery passport program

Toronto, Ontario — Digital tech start-up Everledger has signed onto a partnership with Ford to launch an electric vehicle battery passport program that aims to track and reclaim the batteries of the OEM’s end-of-life EVs for recycling. Everledger’s platform uses several forms of AI and blockchain technology to track batteries throughout their lifecycle, and thanks […]

Net Worth: Ford to produce parts made entirely from recycled ocean plastics

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever turned to the ocean for parts sourcing? Well, Ford has–the automaker is dipping a toe into the world of recycled ocean plastics, announcing that the Ford Bronco will feature parts made entirely from repurposed waste pulled from our waters. The part in question is the wiring harness clip—you know, […]

Ford to recycle CO2 into automotive foams

While at Fortune's Brainstorm E conference, Executive Chairman Bill Ford announced the company’s research into converting carbon dioxide into plastics and foams.

Dearborn, Michigan — May 18, 2016 — It’s definitely automotive recycling, but not as we know it. Ford has announced it has begun to formulate and test new foam and plastic components using carbon dioxide (CO2) as feedstock. According to a statement from Ford, researchers expect to see the new biomaterials in Ford production vehicles […]