Net Worth: Ford to produce parts made entirely from recycled ocean plastics

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever turned to the ocean for parts sourcing?

Well, Ford has–the automaker is dipping a toe into the world of recycled ocean plastics, announcing that the Ford Bronco will feature parts made entirely from repurposed waste pulled from our waters.

The part in question is the wiring harness clip—you know, the clip that holds the wiring harness.

It may appear intensely minor, but this move from Ford does indicate a positive step forward both in terms of auto parts innovation and the removal of harmful ocean waste, like the lost fishing net that the harness clips were in part made from.

Ford says they are currently prototyping other parts made from similar materials.

“This is another example of Ford leading the charge on sustainability,” said Ford v-p of research Jim Buczkowski.

“It is a strong example of a circular economy, and while these clips are small, they are an important first step in our explorations to use recycled ocean plastics for additional parts in the future.”

While Ford has used recycled water bottles to produce noise-reducing underbody shields in the past, the Bronco Sport’s wiring harness clips are the first 100 percent recycled ocean plastic auto parts to market.


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