Return to Sender: Ford partners with Everledger to launch EV battery passport program

Toronto, Ontario — Digital tech start-up Everledger has signed onto a partnership with Ford to launch an electric vehicle battery passport program that aims to track and reclaim the batteries of the OEM’s end-of-life EVs for recycling.

Everledger’s platform uses several forms of AI and blockchain technology to track batteries throughout their lifecycle, and thanks to the 2-D data matrix codes Ford tags their batteries with, users need only scan the code with a cell phone to track a battery’s history.

Once end-of-life batteries are tracked and reclaimed, they will then be sent off to fellow Ford partners, Cirba Solutions and Li-Cycle, for recycling at their respective U.S. recycling plants.

“The Everledger Platform and its battery passport functionality positions stakeholders along the supply chain to verify a battery’s material provenance, chemistry and identity; and measure its sustainability and environmental impact alongside creating a multi-billion dollar global market for used batteries that maximizes the recovery of raw materials and accelerates the development of climate-friendly mobility,” said Leanne Kemp, founder and CEO of Everledger.

The company’s battery passport pilot program is set to go through six months of additional testing before seeing a commercial release.


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