SARA becomes official at first association meeting

Regina, Saskatchewan — June 29, 2011 — SGI Salvage and the independent auto recycling industry came together last week in Regina to make history. The Saskatchewan Automotive Recyclers Association (SARA) was born in a typical Saskatchewan manner – collective action is required and that is what the industry rallied around.

 At an organizational meeting for the new auto recycling industry association meeting, draft bylaws were reviewed and approved, membership criteria established, and an interim Board of Directors elected. The corporation should be active within the month and membership applications can then be processed.

Steve Fletcher from the Automotive Recyclers of Canada was on hand to help move the organization along, and to brief the group on activities of the national association that will be made available to SARA and its Members. "We expect that SARA will make a formal application to join ARC in the Summer, at which time SGI Salvage, one of the founding Members of ARC, will step aside and allow the new association to represent all Saskatchewan auto recyclers," said Steve Fletcher with ARC.

Cheryl Hoimyr from SGI Salvage and the catalyst behind the formation of the new group will stay on as an ARC Board Member representing SARA as their Secretary/Treasurer. "It is important that we maintain the continuity of the ARC Board. There are so many great things happening nationally that we want the transition to work smoothly," commented Cheryl.

The new association has chosen to utilize the National Code of Practice for Auto Recycling as its base for their membership criteria.

ARC also announced that they will hold their 2012 Board Meeting in Regina on April 21st to coincide with SARA's first ever Industry Meeting.


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