Auto recycler Trevor Generoux Rides With Lance for cancer

By Michael Raine

Kitchener, Ontario — August 31, 2011 — On August 27, Trevor Generoux of Parkway Auto Recyclers in Kitchener, Ontario, along with 51 other riders, had the chance of a lifetime to bike alongside Lance Armstrong for 117 kms. The event was the fourth annual Ride With Lance fundraiser, which raised $1.2 million for the Grand River Hospital’s cancer centre programs.

For the first three years of the event Generoux volunteered but this was the first time he took part in the ride.  “One hundred and seventeen kilometres isn’t too bad,” he says matter-of-factly but adds, laughing, “When Lance wants to go, he does 55 km/h, I don’t go that fast.”

Generoux first got involved in the event through his volunteer efforts with Ziggy's Cycle, which has been a major supporter of the Ride With Lance event. Generoux says the shop  “ has provided me and all the other riders with professional support for all four years of the ride.”

Of course, “Lance” is Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour De France champion and cancer survivor.

Along with Armstrong, there was a star-studded group of celebrity riders including Robert Herjavec of Dragons Den fame, former NHLer Scott Thornton, Craig Hummer from Versus Network who runs the Tour De France broadcast, Ben Fanelli local OHL player and founder of the Headstrong Foundation, and Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

However, Generoux isn’t one to get star struck. “In a situation like this, they’re pretty relaxed and it’s like meeting anybody else really, they just got different stories to tell.”

For Generoux, the real motivation for taking part in the charity event was to be part of something that will have a positive effect on the community and people in need.   As he says, “You do as much as you can, right, you try to give as much as you can.”

As well, he doesn’t want to take too much credit and says auto recycling associations such as ARC and OARA have been instrumental in connecting recyclers to charities.

“We’re lucky, especially as auto recyclers, because the associations have done a whole lot for everybody and the local recyclers get to pick up on that,” Generoux explains. “Through the associations, we’ve been able to connect with a lot of people that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”

All in all, Generoux says it was an “awesome day and great event.” Donations to the Grand River Hospital are still being accepted for the next 30 days at


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