AARDA members heading on a river adventure

Whitecourt, Alberta — August 30, 2011 — In late September all members of the Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) and their employees or spouses are invited to get away from their recycling yards for a day and go on a river adventure.

The event takes place on September 24 in Whitecourt, Alberta. The boats are being provided and manned by experienced pilots of the Whitecourt Boating Association.  The ride will start at 1 30 PM with a steak barbeque to follow at 5:00 p.m. at the Quality Inn, right on the river.  Tickets for the ride and BBQ are $80 and attendees “are guaranteed a good time, not to mention a unique outdoor experience,” says AARDA Executive Director Ian Hope.

Those interested in taking part are asked to contact Ian Hope Please to indicate how many tickets are needed. He says AARDA needs to know the numbers ASAP to reserve the number of boats needed  (5 per boat).

AARDA’s hotel suggestions in Whitecourt

Quality Inn – 25 years old; Phone 780-778-5477
Location: Beside River and where the BBQ is being held

$89.99 per night

Lakeview Inn – 5 years old; Phone 780-706-3349
3325 Caxton Street (rooms will be blocked once have idea on how many rooms are wanted there).  When you book at the Lakeview indicate that you are an AARDA member; if enough book there they will give a reduced rate of $ 99.00 per night (regular $130 per night)

Nova Inn – 5 years old; Phone 780-779-2399
5406 Caxton Street
$109.00 per night

For information on Whitecourt and the many attractions and activities go to the Town of Whitecourt homepage at www.whitecourt.ca.

AARDA Wishes to thank its newest board member, and treasurer,
Raelene Day of Trappers Auto Parts in Whitecourt, for making the arrangements for this association event.


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