Reid’s Automotive Recycling now Climate Smart certified

Reid's Auto Recycling and ClimateSmart logos

Reid's Auto Recycling and ClimateSmart logos

By Mike Davey

Burnaby, British Columbia — September 16, 2015 — Reid’s Automotive Recycling has announced it is now Climate Smart certified. The business has often been on the cutting edge of environmental protection efforts, and the Climate Smart certification displays this progressive attitude. Reid’s Automotive Recycling is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, and is a proud member of QRPBC.

The facility is an approved alloy wheel repair facility and a Gold certified and government registered end-of- life vehicle processing facility. While the facility already sells a “green” product, recycled auto parts, and refurbishes alloy wheels there was a desire to expand that mandate.

“We’re geared toward making our business operations as green as our products and services,” says Teresa Reid of Reid’s Automotive Recycling. “Our challenge from a sustainability perspective is based less on what we do, but how we do it and more importantly how can we do it better. After the decision to incorporate a zero waste mind set, Climate Smart soon became our personal environmental fitness trainer.”

The Climate Smart training program for businesses is built around a three-step process: measure, reduce and leverage.

“The first step is learning to calculate your carbon footprint,” says Reid. “First, we had to map out where emissions occur so they could be measured. We started to take inventory of direct GHC emissions that are generated within our facility and indirect emissions from staff commuting, transportation of goods, business travel, paper and packaging, and waste.”

The next step of the certification process is reducing the carbon footprint. This could be as simple as turning off light switches, all the way to installing new, more efficient equipment.

“Moving forward, we’re focusing on reducing emissions from electricity, heat and building envelope, transportation, paper and waste,” says Teresa. “We know that where and how consumers choose to spend their money can make a green difference.”

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