Recycle of the Fittest: Auto recyclers say don’t fear slowing part supply, buy used instead

Toronto, Ont – While the recent United Automobile Workers Union strike has begun to effect part suppliers across North America, Canadian auto recyclers are encouraging others to turn towards used parts instead — arguing that they’re cost-effective and more eco-friendly.

“As we know, the ongoing UAW strike is impacting GM part suppliers, repair facilities and drivers across the country,” stated the ARA’s executive director, Sandy Blalock.

“We want our colleagues and the general public to know that professional automotive recyclers across the country stand at the ready to provide quality, safe parts to get those cars back on the road. We have those fenders, bumpers and other parts in stock.”

According to the ARA, recycled auto parts can cost up to 80 per cent less than a new supplier-provided part, and they are just as safe.

“Our member facilities have robust product assurance and quality control procedures in place to identify parts that do not meet industry-accepted standards.” Chad Counselman, president of ARA told BodyShop Business. “Recycled parts are the answer for those looking for safe, quality and economical parts to fix their vehicle.”

Steve Fletcher, the managing director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada agrees that used auto parts are a great fit for repairers and car owners feeling the effects of limited car part supplies.

According to Fletcher, recycled parts are just as dependable

“Because our parts are made by the OEM’s they will always have the right fit and finish,” Fletcher told Collision Repair.

“Most people buy recycled parts to save money, some to help the environment, but we are also a steady and reliable source of parts when the OEM supply chains go down.”

Fletcher says people shouldn’t worry though.

“We have recyclers in all corners of Canada so parts are always close by.”

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