Green on the Small Screen: Catch Andrew MacDonald on CBC discussing E.V batteries

Toronto, Ontario — Andrew MacDonald, owner of Maritime Auto Parts, proudly represented his recycling facility on CBC News: The National earlier this week.

Offering his personal insight from his experience with electric vehicle batteries, MacDonald discussed the evolution of cars and how he’s dealt with the changes electric vehicles has brought to his company.

“The manufacturers build these [batteries] and we’re kind of expected to figure out what to do with them,” MacDonald told the CBC reporter. “There’s lots of stuff going around in research labs trying to figure out what to do with these [batteries] but there’s a big potential for what you can do.”

The broadcast toured around MacDonald’s facility, which according to their website, has been “participating in one of the oldest forms of recycling since 1932.”

There, MacDonald showed his vast collection of old car batteries — both gas and electrically fueled.

“On one side, you’ve got lots of plastic components and metal components,” MacDonald explained to the reporter. “But now there are complicated chemistries that we’re trying to figure out.”

On the broadcast, Jennifer Dunn from the Centre for Engineering and Resilience also spoke up about the mystery of the E.V battery.

“We’re really at the opportunity stage now where we’re starting to ramp up our use of E.V’s and we have a chance to really understand the supply chain and the environmental effects and do our best to make it as minimal as possible,” said Dunn.

Following the broadcast, Members of Maritime Auto Parts were proud to show off their feature online.

“A few great shots of our facility and staff on The National tonight!” they posted to their Facebook Tuesday evening.

The video posted on Youtube now has more than 13,000 viewers. To watch the clip, click here.


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