Progress for Progi: Progi expands car auction platform to all licensed Canadian buyers

 Trois-Rivières, Quebec — Progi announced last Thursday that going forward, Quebec vehicles sold on the ProgiPix car auction platform will be made available to all buyers with a Canadian operating license.

The Quebec-based company is opening the floodgates to all accredited auto recyclers operating in Canada with this news, which operations director Frederic Miceli says plays into an ongoing shift of Progi’s overarching business model.

“The world moves fast. Markets and technologies occasionally create opportunities. When these opportunities are not seized, they may often become a threat,” said Miceli, in a press release.

“Our vision has always been to provide a platform designed by and for automotive recyclers and that is the direction we are heading in. We invite new buyers to the table with a desire to create more opportunities for Canadian recyclers.”

Alongside this news, Miceli added that Progi is launching a new project in Quebec that will see recyclers working alongside insurers to help them source parts, and by extension, help them compete in new markets.

“The goal is for Progi and the Canadian recycling community to move forward together as we have since our founding,” said Miceli.

Click here for more information on the ProgiPix car auction platform.


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