Panel Peril: SCRS releases tip video on repairs to recycled quarter panels

Toronto, Ontario — The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has been hard at work over the past few months producing weekly advice videos for collision repairers, with one particular late-July video touching on recycled quarter panels.

The ongoing video series from SCRS, hosted by Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson, reaches all aspects of the collision industry within a bite-sized, under-5-minute format.

Anderson’s July 15 video entitled “Always Follow OEM Procedures – Addressing Recycled Quarter Panels” saw the question raised of whether making a quarter panel repair using a recycled part is advisable.

He said that, in his opinion, he would not make the repair, but to still refer to OE procedures to dictate the repair.

When judging whether or not a recycled quarter panel would be acceptable, Anderson says to take note of the type, size and locations of the welds that would be required to make the repair on OE-approved parts.

“Ask yourself, could that be duplicated if I put a recycled quarter panel on,” said Anderson.

The SCRS’s video on recycled quarter panel repair can be found here


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