No Substitutions: Subaru updates position statement on aftermarket parts, ‘does not approve’ of ROE parts

Toronto, Ontario — Subaru has released an update to its position statement on the use of alternative, recycled and salvaged parts in repairs on the company’s vehicles.

“Subaru of America simply wants to be as clear as possible regarding its position on the proper repair of Subaru vehicles,” said Devin Wilcox, Subaru’s collision certification manager.

“Subaru of America, Inc. does not approve of the use of recycled, salvaged, aftermarket, or recondition parts that may not be manufactured to the same specifications or tolerances as Subaru Genuine Parts.”

The language in the position statement has been updated to eliminate any ambiguity from the previous recommendation that Subaru Genuine Parts “help ensure the vehicle is restored back to its original pre-collision condition” and the use of non-OEM parts “could compromise occupant safety in a subsequent collision.”

This update comes amid rising concerns about the efficacy of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) when paired with alternative aftermarket parts.

Subaru’s full position statement on alternative parts can be found here.


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