On the Educational Docket: OARA discussion topics include features on the future; EVs and profitability; succession planning and more

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) is set to host its annual Convention and Trade Show next week, where you’ll find dozens of opportunities to learn about leading your business into profits and progress; all the technological advancements of vehicles today and much, much more regarding the current and future use of genuine OE recycled auto parts.

Check out some of the planned sessions below. 

Vehicle Trends for Auto Recyclers
Ryan Mandell, Mitchell International

Ryan Mandell, Mitchell International

This session will provide an overview of significant trends in the collision repair industry that impact auto recyclers. Particular attention will be given to changes in parts utilization, vehicle construction and complexity, as well as automotive electrification. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to position their businesses to best capitalize on these trends today and in the near future.

Keynote industry address: Discover the future of auto recycling
JC Cahill, VINMatchPro

JC Cahill, VINMatchPro

JC is a renowned figure in the auto recycling industry, and will share his trailblazing journey since moving on from New England Auto and Truck. Alongside his partner Holly, they've been steering family-run recycling operations toward unmatched operational efficiency. This Industry Keynote presentation will be a treasure trove of insights, from the innovative VINMatchPRO service that's revolutionizing part identification with OEM data, to the resilience of the industry during challenging times, and the pivotal role of conferences like the OARA Convention in fostering a strong community of experts ready to learn and network.

Keynote industry address: Discover the future of auto recycling
David Giles, PoweredEV Training & Consulting

David Giles, PoweredEV Training & Consulting

The discussion will cover the environmental impact, cost considerations, and market trends associated with EV recycling. Looking at key EV components and systems as well as examining high voltage battery’s condition and parts replacement value. Also provide a solid practical insight into technical, economical and practical ways EVs can bring value to your recycling.

Keynote Presentation: Accelerate your business
Donald Cooper

Donald Cooper

Hear the ‘straight goods’ on how to sell more, manage smarter, grow your bottom line...and have a life! Managing any business today is tough...and getting tougher. We’re all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins. On top of that, great staff are hard to find and keep...and that problem won’t go away any time soon.


Succession Planning Panel
Unsure how to navigate the process of passing the flag? Join veterans of the process for a discussion on different methods on handling succession, and things to consider. You are sure to gain new insights into the process as well as well as ways to avoid potential issues you may not have seen coming. With a new generation of auto-recyclers in the wings, this is sure to be a hot topic with lots of discussion, questions and queries. 
Panellists include Dom Vetere, Dom’s Auto Parts; Dave MacDonald, Bodyline Auto Recyclers and Mary Poirier, Valley Automotive
Moderated by Greg Woodbeck, Woodbeck Auto Parts and Natalie Miller, Miller’s Auto Recycling
Sales Panel: Be your customer's first choice
You know those shops that only make one call to one yard? Want more of them? In a world where customer loyalty can be increasingly difficult to come by, get insights and strategies into helping ensure your customers call you first. With a well-rounded group of panelists discussing this important topic, you might be surprised to learn what works, and what to avoid when trying to make sure your customers have you on speed dial. Have a hot tip for setting yourself above the rest? Share it with the group. When we all learn, everyone wins.
Panellists include Andy Bowman, Hank’s Auto Wreckers; Max Winkler, J&B Auto Recyclers and Luke Brennan, Doug’s Auto Parts
Moderated by JC & Holly Cahill, VINMatchPro
Staff Engagement Best Practices
When flying in a plane, most people think of the pilot. But that plane doesn’t leave the ground without a well-oiled machine of motivated, dedicated people ensuring everything works as it should. Your business is no different. Both owners and managers would be well served joining this discussion to get a better handle on the ins and outs of motivating and empowering your staff. From solving issues, to bringing you solutions instead of problems, everyone is sure to pick up valuable information from this diverse group of panelists.
Panellists include Eric MacDonald, Bodyline Auto Recyclers; Sean McCooey, Miller’s Auto Recycling; Frank Serravalle, Thorold Automotive Solutions and Eric Wilbert, Wilburt’s U-Pull It
Moderated by David Gold, Standard Auto Wreckers
Sales vs Production Role Playing
The ultimate showdown. We’ve all seen the epic battles between sales people and production staff. Whether it be shipping, parts pullers or QC, there always seems to be a conflict between the sellers, and the producers. Join both “teams” for a fiery, but educational panel to help everyone navigate these waters and help both sides see eye-to-eye. You get the whole seat for this panel, but you’ll only need the edge.
Panellists include Joel Plazek, Plazek’s Auto Recyclers; Fallon Clarke, Plazek’s Auto Recyclers; Mathew Carcone, Carcone’s Auto Recycling and Laura Carter, Hotch’s Auto Parts
Moderated by JC & Holly Cahill, VINMatchPro

NEW THIS YEAR! Speed Presentations

Meant to convey HUGE amounts of information in a very fast-paced, interactive environment. 
MATERIALS with Lithion Recycling, Cyclic Materials, SalvageScan and Environmental 360 solutions
TECHNOLOGY with Buddy Automotive, Car-Part, ProgitParts, Hollander and EZSuite
The event will also feature a trade show with more than 50 exhibitors. 

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