ISRI Rebrand: Association announces rebrand to be announced at April conference 

Las Vegas, Nevada — After more than 35 years as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the organization has announced a rebrand. 

The new name and brand identity will be unveiled on April 18, 2024, at the ISRI 2024 Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas during the convention closing general session, reported ISRI in a statement last week. 

“ISRI is built on a proud legacy of more than three decades of serving our membership well, and rising to whatever challenges are facing the recycled materials industry,” said ISRI Chairman of the Board, Brian Henesey. “This is a great time to celebrate our history while looking to the future.”

Henesey further stated, “Who we are as an industry and association is not changing, but how [ISRI] expresses its identity is.”

Today, ISRI encompasses nearly 1,700 member companies. The association was formed in 1987 when the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel merged with the National Association of Recycling Industries. The association has a tremendously loyal membership with roughly 800 companies having been ISRI members for more than 20 years. Over its history, the association has grown in size and the diversity of its membership–particularly in the electronics, consumer brands and EV battery sectors–reflecting the evolution and innovation within the industry.

“Our industry has strong connections, where networking and relationship building are highly valued. Many companies are family-owned, going back generations,” said ISRI President Robin Wiener. “ISRI 2024 will be special as we celebrate who we are and where we’re going.  This is a convention that should not be missed!”

ISRI 2024 will have special features celebrating ISRI’s history in presentations and interactive displays for people to share stories, photos and mark the association’s success. ISRI is encouraging members to share their memories and photos via an online photo mosaic, which can be found on


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