Manitoba auto recycler is being asked to build a six-foot tall fence around his property

May 1, 2019 – The La Broquerie Council in Manitoba is ordering the owner of a car wreckage lot to build a six-foot tall fence around the property.

Reeve Lewis Weiss has owned Weiss Auto for 30 years and close to 13 years ago Weiss wanted to add a bodyshop to his yard, but the council said he would have to build a six-foot tall fence around his property. This is something that Weiss doesn’t necessarily agree with, Steinback Online reports.

The council has continued to receive complaints from people in the area about the sight of the yard. As a result, the Council issued a mandate that Weiss had to build the fence.

“We’ve been in business here since 1989. Years later when we built the body shop was when they put on this restriction. But when they sold me the building permit they never said they were going to require me to build a fence in order to open my business. In my opinion, you don’t put extra restrictions on after you sell a permit,” Weiss told Steinback Online.

Weiss isn’t leaving this matter without a fight and is planning on having a lawyer to look into the conditional use permit. The building of the six-foot fence has yet to be determined.


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