Lithion’s process will recycle 95 percent of old lithium-ion batteries into new ones

May 15, 2019 – While OEMs are leaning more towards electric vehicles, other companies are thinking of ways to properly recycle these vehicles batteries once they’ve reached its end of life cycle.

Lithion, a Quebec recycling company has developed a process to recycle 95 percent of the old lithium-ion batteries into new ones.

The company’s process will enable the recovery of high-value lithium-ion battery components such as cobalt, lithium, and graphite, which can then be directly reused by battery manufacturers. Most lithium-ion batteries currently recovered and diverted from landfill sites are handled using processes that have an important environmental footprint and a much lower efficiency.

The company will be opening up a pilot factory in Montreal and is set to begin its operations next year. The factory will be able to treat up to 200 tons of used batteries per year.

The Sustainable Development Technology Canada foundation announced earlier this year that it would be contributing $3.8 million towards it.

“SDTC is proud to support Lithion Recycling Inc. in its efforts to address the issue of recycling lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are essential to the functioning of our electric vehicles, smartphones, and tablets, and finding ways to recycle these batteries will help make Canada a cleaner and healthier place to live,” said Leah Lawrence president and CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada.


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