From Farm to Prairie: 230+ vintage cars uncovered on a Canadian farm and sent to auction

Edmonton, Alberta – Andre Moizard’s farm in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta will sadly no longer be sprouting up crops of cars as his estate goes to Prairie Auctions following his recent passing in March 2023.

Moizard, who was born in France in 1953 and immigrated to Canada in the 1970s, amassed an impressive collection of vehicles which he kept on his family farm.

Moizard’s son-in-law, Antoine Gruson, first remarked to Silodrome that it wasn’t until “[Moizard] passed away recently that the family realized there were well over 230+ cars, motorcycles, automobilia etc., on the property, and the full extent of his automobile passion came to light.”

Specifically, Gruson noted that his father-in-law “was just passionate about cars and was always reading magazines (both European and American) or watching shows about cars.”

He further stated that he believes this is the reason Moizard “has an eclectic collection,” because he constantly “had an eye for new trends.”

Gruson notes that his father-in-law would drive all over North America to pick up cars. He fondly recalled how Moizard “would often drive to Seattle or all over Canada with his big Dodge 6×6 that he custom built and his two car trailer.”

Included in the collection were more than 60 Cadillacs in various shapes and forms, Jeeps (he had some Willys, Jeep J20, Commanche, Army, Jeep Forward Control, Cherokees etc.), french cars (he had three Citroen 2CV, one Citroen Camionette, two Traction Avant 15/6, one traction avant  11b Familialle, two Traction cabriolet that he picked up in California, one very rare Renault 4L Plein Air, a number of Citroen DS parts etc.), as well as fire trucks, limousines, a hearse, limited edition cars (i.e. a Cadillac Gucci), and army trucks.

After his passing, Moizard’s family reached out to his extensive contacts in the classic car world and auctioned off his collection via Prairie Auctions with the hopes of redispersing his collection to those who would continue to enjoy the vehicles just as much as Moizard did himself.

“When we called some of his car people around after he passed in March 2023,” Gruson said, “it was so nice to hear people we had never met talked about Andre. It was always the same adjectives: passionate, highly knowledgeable, kind, humble, and fair.”

The invoices for the auction–which occurred this past week–are set to be mailed on September 13, 2023.


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