Extrication Excitement: Pfaff Autoworks in Markham, Ontario hosts firefighters to raise funds

Markham, Ontario – On September 23, 2023, Pfaff Autoworks in Markham, Ontario helped orchestrate a demonstration teaching guests how to safely extricate a vehicle.

The event was hosted by Jeff Pabst of Pfaff Autoworkers and included community members as well as Fleets Coffee and the Call2Recycle company in attendance.

Leading the demonstration was Fire Chief Ryan Best and the crew at Station 97 who used vehicles generously donated by David Gold, owner of Standard Auto Wreckers.

Community members were invited to actively participate in the event as well as to ask questions  about car safety, highlighting the collaborative efforts of businesses and the community in supporting both the fundraising and car safety cause.

To simulate an extrication, dummies were placed in the donated vehicles in various positions to simulate a real collision.

Over the course of the event, funds were raised to help the firefighters’ cause to compete in the United States in similar firefighter-related events.



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