Eyes on Aluminum: U.S.-based Aluminum Association lists R&D priorities for automotive customers

Arlington, Virginia ⁠— The Aluminum Association recently released its short-, mid- and long-term research and development priorities in support of collaboration among aluminum suppliers, recyclers, automakers, policymakers, nongovernmental organizations and other industry stakeholders. 

The “2022 Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum” identifies pathways and prioritizes opportunities between the automotive industry verticals to drive innovation through the next decade said the organization.

“From electric vehicles and connected cars to autonomous technology and supplier sustainability, the automotive industry is experiencing tectonic shifts in design, propulsion, materials and manufacturability,” said Mike Keown, Automotive Transportation Group chair and chief executive officer. “To meet the moment, the aluminum industry is gearing up to bring to market the most advanced automotive alloys and product designs ever produced.”

According to Keown, the technology roadmap details where the industry is, in regard to aluminum materials across their lifecycles; where we are headed as well as specific pathways and priorities designed to accelerate technical advances

This technology roadmap details where we are today, where we are headed, and specific pathways and priorities that will accelerate technical advances to support automakers as they envision cars and trucks far superior to anything on the road today to meet consumer demands in the next decade, and beyond.”

“The Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum lays out the value-driven steps needed to make large-scale closed-loop aluminum recycling a reality,” said Charles Johnson, president and CEO of The Aluminum Association. “As aluminum use continues to grow, more efficient ways to separate, recover and reuse aluminum scrap in automotive components is of utmost importance, particularly in support of aggressive net-zero goals put forth by automotive customers.”

To view and download the Roadmap, visit drivealuminum.com/roadmap.


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