Dismantling Misconceptions: Standard Auto Wreckers’ David Gold talks ‘junkyard’ stigmas on AutoShow LIVE

Toronto, Ontario — David Gold, president of Standard Auto Wreckers, took to the Canadian International AutoShow stage to set automotive recycling’s record straight, unpacking the ‘junkyard’ stigma surrounding the sector and how Standard Auto Wreckers does its part to combat misconceptions.

Alongside interviewer Norris McDonald from the Toronto Star Wheels, Gold said he and his company are dedicated to educating both government officials and the general public on the importance⁠—and sustainable efforts⁠—of automotive recyclers.

Several years ago, Scarborough city officials were at Standard Auto Wreckers’ door “pushing [it] to close up and vamoose,” said McDonald. The company’s Scarborough location, however, is still standing strong.

“We’re not just surviving, we’re thriving there,” said Gold. “Yes, we’re an industry that has a ‘junkyard dog’ stigma, but we’ve since brought those city officials in and showed them the care, consideration and expense involved in what we do. And once they see, feel and understand the environmental impact of reusing a car component, many of them have changed their minds in one conversation.

“They go from, ‘not in my backyard!’ to saying, ‘maybe we can coexist,’” said Gold. “And I believe we can.”

Gold stands for more than just his own business, too⁠—in recent years, he has been involved in international industry consultations regarding protecting the auto recycling sector and the environment.

“I believe this is an industry that needs some added ‘oomph’ by those that are in it and have invested interest in it,” Gold told McDonald. “Our part is to do whatever we can to educate people on what happens to vehicles during the end-of-life cycle.

“The industry has survived through many evolutions,” said Gold. “There have been bends in the road, but we certainly have not seen the end of the road. When it comes down to it, we’re proud to be here.”

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