A Li-ion Leap: Li-Cycle announces first commercial shipment of recycled battery material

Toronto, Ontario — Ontario-based Li-Cycle recently announced that, in December 2019, the company completed its first shipment of commercially recycled battery material, containing energy metals concentrate, marking a milestone in the lithium-ion battery recycling industry.

The shipped product was processed at Li-Cycle’s Ontario facility and contained key energy metals⁠—such as cobalt, nickel and lithium⁠—used in lithium-ion batteries. According to the Li-Cycle, it is one of the few companies globally capable of recovering critical battery materials from lithium-ion batteries in a sustainable and safe manner.

“The first shipment of commercial product marks a significant milestone for Li-Cycle on the company’s path to becoming a premier resource recovery processor, handling all types of lithium-ion batteries from a broad set of customers and applications,” said Ajay Kochhar, president and CEO of Li-Cycle. “As we grow our business, we look forward to continuing to provide sustainable and technologically innovative solutions to help solve the end-of-life lithium-ion battery challenges.”

Li-Cycle is focused on meeting the global challenge in North America through its existing processing facility in Canada and its upcoming expansion into the United States in 2020. The company recently announced that it will be establishing its first U.S.-based facility in New York State. The company plans to set up operations in Monroe County, N.Y.’s Eastman Business Park in an effort to tap into the lithium-ion battery ecosystem in Rochester, N.Y.

The company says its U.S. operations will create at least 23 new jobs in the first year of operation and expects the facilities to go live later this year.

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