Attention Auto Recyclers: We want to hear from you!

Auto recycling industry members who are eager to see their business featured in Canadian Auto Recycler, our leading annual industry magazine, or featured in Collision Repair often ask if there is an application procedure.

To that, we say yes. There is, and it’s incredibly simple. 

“At Collision Repair, we are always on the lookout for businesses that are doing their business in novel and surprising ways,” says publisher Darryl Simmons. “We keep a close ear to the ground for businesses that tick that box, but if you think we’ve overlooked your business, we’d love to have you reach out.”

Consistently on the hunt for groundbreaking, interesting and inspiring industry stories to cover in our next issue, Collision Repair has always benefitted for ideas that come from those who know the repair community best–our readers. By reaching out to someone on the writing team, or applying online, your facility could be featured in our online, or print magazine for hundreds of other industry leaders to read about. 

“In picking businesses to feature in the magazine, the Collision Repair team asks one simple question: what makes this business special?” says editor Gideon Scanlon. “Is there something about its workflow procedure that stands out? Perhaps the business performs good deeds in its community far beyond the expectation of a business of its size.” 

“Another trick,” says art director Jill Thacker, “Send over photos–with captions–giving us an idea of what the facility looks like.”

So if you think you know of an auto recycling facility, a facility owner, or employee that has an interesting story and is passionate about the industry, reach out to us!

We can be reached at the email, or you can fill out a comment form under Contact Us on our site for a chance for your story to be covered by our team. 

For more information, call (905) 370-0101


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