ARA Advisory Board provides recommendations for the Association

December 18, 2018 — During the association’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida the ARA Advisory Council met to discuss the Association’s long-term goals. The discussions focused on long-term growth strategies, ways to extend membership to auto recyclers who are not yet members and ways to increase organizational transparency.

The council recommended a number of reforms be made to the industry. Among them, that they give more consideration to the challenges facing members representing smaller businesses.

It was also recommended that the ARA highlight the efforts of younger members by creating a group staffed by young industry leaders. There were suggestions that training and educational programs be available and promoted to all members at a lower cost.

A general agreement was voiced that member business operations should be more transparent and possibly modeled on Amazon consumer service operations. The council also agreed that the ARA should develop strategies to improve relationships between members and OEMs.

It was also agreed that, going forward, the Advisory Council Meeting should hold quarterly meetings over the internet.

Chaired by ARA president David Gold, the Advisory Council includes Jonathan Morrow, Chad Councilman, Scott Robertson, RD Hopper, Marty Hollingshead, Sandy Blalock, Betsy Finnell, Mark Gamble, Mike Lambert, Andy Latham, Herb Lieberman (for Randy Wittig), Steve Levetan, Jason Levine, Jim McKinney, Kirk Monger, Roger Schroder, Amanda Zmolek, Rod Nydam and Delanne Bernier.



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