A new era in auto recycling

By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — August 31, 2018 — It’s no surprise that the auto recycling industry is being impacted as new technology advances wihtin vehicles.
Kirk Cranley, an auto recycler for Ray Cranley Auto Recycles in Douro, Ont. explained that the business is just not the same. He said that it’s definitely slowing down from a few years ago because of all the new technology.
Cranley explained that with all of these advances, the younger generation is not nearly as interested in recycled parts.
“They’re not into doing it themselves, they’re more into the technology thing as oppose to getting their hands dirty,” he said.
“The business is always changing” said auto recycler, Geoff Dickson from Andy’s Country Repairs in Walkerton, Ont.
The trick with all of these new advancements coming out is that everything is a lot more complicated to repair, most of it isn’t simple procedures anymore. As cars get more complex, the parts also become more expensive.
Dickson explained that a lot of the newer vehicles are more advanced and with the electric vehicles becoming more popular, they are a bit more complicated to handle. The high-voltages associated with these vehicles requires special training which makes it difficult for the auto recycling business.
He said that their main concern right now isn’t so much the technology but what is happening with the metal tariffs in terms of the NAFTA agreement. This is changing the prices of scrap which is ultimately affecting the prices of the final product, having quite the impact on the auto recycling industry.

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