Viva Veilleux: Patrick Veilleux sells Sherbrooke pièces autos usagées, will join

Toronto, Ontario — Patrick Veilleux has sold his business, Sherbrooke pièces autos usagées to his cousin Eric Veilleux.
After many productive years in the automotive recycling realm, Veilleux is not leaving—he has joined to test and “make improvements” to its software.
Veilleux was a long-time Member of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) Board of Directors representing the Association des recycleurs de pièces d’autos et de camions (ARPAC). Dalbert Livingstone, the ARC Chairman says that Veilleux was an essential member of their Board, and he wishes him well on his next venture.
 “He was always a steady influence on the Board and participated in every event that ARC hosted or organized. He brought a passion for the industry to every conversation and idea and was always bringing up new ideas to push the Board even further for auto recyclers everywhere. He will be missed on the Board and we wish him well in his new adventures. I’m sure our paths will meet again,” said Livingstone.
ARC is working with APRAC to secure a nomination for the second representative to the ARC Board, who would join Pierre Robitaille from Recycleur Duvernay, as the Board Members representing ARPAC.

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