Close the Loop: Eastman, USAMP and PADNOS collaborate for fully circular recycling study in automotive market

Kingsport, Tennessee — Eastman, the United States Automotive Materials Partnership LLC (USAMP) and automotive recycler PADNOS announced yesterday that they are collaborating on a concept feasibility study to demonstrate a closed-loop project to recycle automotive-industry mixed plastic waste in the automotive supply chain.  When automobiles are at the end of their life, metals, tires, and glass account for […]

A Different Type of Twisted: Barrie, Ont. tornado results in total losses

Barrie, Ontario — After a tornado swept through Barrie last Thursday destroying virtually anything in its path, auto recyclers will likely see several total loss vehicles.  “The claims started coming in the day following the tornado. Many vehicles were towed in and many more customers reached out who were still able to safely stay in […]

Viva Veilleux: Patrick Veilleux sells Sherbrooke pièces autos usagées, will join

Toronto, Ontario — Patrick Veilleux has sold his business, Sherbrooke pièces autos usagées to his cousin Eric Veilleux. After many productive years in the automotive recycling realm, Veilleux is not leaving—he has joined to test and “make improvements” to its software. Veilleux was a long-time Member of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) Board […]