We’ll Miss You, Mary: Mary Poirier to step down as Recording Secretary for ARC; Corey Earl joins Board

Ottawa, Ontario — After serving on the Automotive Recyclers of Canada’s (ARC) national Board of Directors for 13 years, Mary Poirier from Valley Automotive in Pembroke Ontario is stepping down after an incredible run of service.

Mary was appointed to the Board of ARC as one of the Ontario representatives in 2009 and has held the position of Recording Secretary since that time.

“I’ve been on the ARC Board for quite a while. I’ve seen a lot of changes, and had the joy of working with some of Canada’s best auto recyclers,” ” said Mary.

“But it is time to hand the reins over to the next generation of auto recyclers. Big changes are coming to the industry, and the younger generation needs to have their say and be involved.”

Mary continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) in the position of Treasurer.

Mary’s replacement on the Board is Corey Earl from Hotch’s Auto Parts in Prince Edward County Ontario.

Corey brings with him decades of experience in automotive recycling. As a second-generation auto recycler, he has been involved in the industry almost his entire life. From picking up dropped bolts in the yard and collecting them in a pail at five years old to now running the ship, Corey has experience in all facets of the industry. With a passion for keeping up with new automotive technologies such as EVs and self-driving vehicles, Corey is focused on the future path of auto recycling in Canada.

Corey said “I’m honoured to have been selected as one of the Ontario representatives to ARC. While it is impossible to fill the shoes that Mary wore, I hope to be able to contribute knowledge to help our industry move forward with the coming changes.”

Dalbert Livingstone, the ARC Chairman of the Board stated “Mary has been a stalwart on the Board, and we really value her dogged determination to make this a better industry–or at least a better-understood industry, as its always been a great sector. On behalf of auto recyclers across Canada, I want to thank Mary for her service and dedication.”

“I look forward to Corey joining the Board. He is a dynamic auto recycler with a quest to fully understand and grow all aspects of the auto recycling industry. He will be a great addition,” concluded Dalbert.


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