Vortex named North American distributor for Green Car products

Denver, Colorado — March 11, 2014 — Vortex De-pollution and Recycling Equipment have announced that they are now North America’s official distributors of the Green Car De-pollution System.

Nigel Dove, CEO of Vortex, feels this is a huge step forward for the company and its partners.

“Everyone in the vehicle processing business has an idea of the system they prefer for de-polluting a vehicle at its recycling stage. For the first time ever, our customers now have the freedom to choose the system they prefer and can mix and match elements of the Vortex and Green Car Depollution systems,” says Dove. “We are the only company in the world to offer both drill and punch solutions.”

Julian Dale, manufacturer of Green Car products, says he’s very pleased to be partnering with Vortex across North America.

“Vortex’s reputation for building robust equipment designed specifically for American vehicles fits well with our new gas tank drill design, which is also specifically designed for the U.S. market. Green Car and Vortex are genuine partners, and we are now incorporating a Vortex-style sight glass which allows the fuel quality to be determined before pumping it into clean or dirty fuel storage tanks as an option in our brand new drill head,” Dale says.

Vortex’s U.S. President, Willem Geyer, believes this move will put Vortex at the forefront of the industry.

“Green Car equipment is built to a higher engineering tolerance than competing drill systems and therefore doesn’t require the repair and maintenance that competitors systems suffer. With increased performance and reduced maintenance costs, we agree with Green Cars’ existing customers that it is the best drill system on the market,” says Geyer. “Intelligently engineered to aerospace precision, without trailing cables and cluttered parts, Green Cars’ equipment and spares can be incorporated into existing, leading drill systems on the market today. Combining proven gas tank drilling technology with the latest cutting edge design and manufacturing processes, which Vortex customers have come to expect.

“By increasing the choice and quality, with interchangeability of drill products, and all of our growing range of metal processing equipment, Vortex is fast becoming the ‘go to’ supplier for vehicle processing and metal recycling across North America.”

For more information on Vortex, please visit VortexDepollution.com.



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