Maintaining an online presence in the world of auto recycling

In 2018, maintaining a presence on social media is considered by many to be an essential aspect of running a successful company.

Toronto, Ontario — January 3, 3018 — In this day and age, an online presence along with a strong position within the social sphere is crucial for a successful business. Auto recyclers are no exceptions when it comes to the digital revolution.

John Logel and Matt Jacobs of Logel’s Auto Parts, in Kitchener, Ontario, have strived to achieve a strong presence within the online world through various means ranging from informative content to fun facts and activities surrounding their facility. John is the owner of Logel’s Auto Parts and has worked within the industry since he was twelve years old. Matt Jacobs is the Marketing Director for the company and as such takes charge of anything related to the company’s image and its presence on social media outlets.

Since Logel’s Auto Parts opened in 1959, they’ve been committed to providing the best customer service experience to their customers. In order to do this, they’ve designed their entire business around maximizing efficiency and organization. Their computerized inventory helps them stay on top of their inventory, reduce waiting times, as well as allow their customers to search for products online. They also deliver any necessary parts right to their customer’s mechanics, saving them a trip to their shop and the inconvenience of transporting parts.

These innovations, combined with an all-star team, are what help them stand out from the other automotive recyclers in the area. Canadian Auto Recycler magazine sat down with John and Matt in order to gain some insight on their successful online formula.

“The advent of the Internet and social media separated everyone in the automotive recycling industry, although they also opened up some new doors,” says John. “You can now quote clients remotely and sell products that would typically never sell,” he adds.

John and Matt make significant use of social media in their day-to-day activities. One of their most innovative uses involves their online blog, where they post on a variety of topics.

“There’s no denying it; our team here at Logel’s is passionate about what we do. We use this blog to share what we know about automotive recycling, our community, and anything cars,” says Matt.

Not only are these blog posts informative and up-to-date, they are fun and engaging as well. This is a great way to pull in readers’ attention as well as connect with them on a more personal level.

Along with blog posts, Logel’s also makes good use of social media sites such Instagram and Facebook. These are perhaps the most effective means to connect with their customers and community as they allow for more than blog posts. The use of social media outlets allows the Logel’s team to provide their customers with a more personal view of their operations. Posts include a wide variety of contents including charity events, holiday activities as well as Cujo, the facility’s adorable little dog.

“Instagram and Facebook are geared toward mobile phone users as they are easier to navigate through on a phone rather than on a computer,” explains Matt. “This allows us to connect with a wider range of people and it also allows us to promote our name.”

Another social aspect affecting any business today is the power of Google reviews and the influence they carry. For John and Matt, these reviews are a direct line of communication between them and their clients. “We answer each and every one of our reviews,” says Matt. “If our customers are kind enough to leave us a note on how we did, its only fair to respond in kind.”

The Internet also allows people to gain further education on the price of parts, where to find them, as well as how to recognize quality. It’s important to take note of this in order to succeed in the advent of e-commerce, which has lately made strides in the auto recycling industry.

It’s inevitable; the future of the industry requires a good understanding of the Internet and the many marketing advents it can offer. The use of Facebook, Instagram and Google can boost operations on the business level as well as personal. Clients today heavily refer to these media outlets in order to find the facilities that suit their needs. Like many recyclers making use of the Internet and social media as marketing tools today, Logel’s understands that a great online presence will allow them to grow and prosper with the automotive recycling industry.


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