‘Till the Wheels Fall Off: 70 percent of B.C. drivers holding onto current cars ‘much longer,’ BCAA survey says

Burnaby, British Columbia — High costs of living are causing many British Columbia drivers to hold on to their aging vehicles just a little while longer, according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA).

The survey, carried out by Leger, found that 70 percent of B.C. drivers intend on keeping their vehicles “much longer than they planned,” and will make the investments needed to keep it on the road, even when money is tight, just to avoid buying a new vehicle.

It was also found that 49 percent of drivers have skipped repairs and maintenance in the past due to high costs, but going forward, 83 percent report that they won’t take the risk of a mechanical breakdown and having to go without a vehicle.

To that point, 93 percent of respondents said that vehicle maintenance is worth it, despite the costs.

About 78 percent of drivers reported that they have already had their vehicles in for winter servicing or are scheduled to do so soon, which the BCAA considers a positive step forward for general driver preparedness.

“We’re seeing people we haven’t seen in a long time, and they’re telling us that their days of skipping regular vehicle servicing are over,” said Keith Berry, regional manager for BCAA auto repair and maintenance.

“Economic uncertainty seems to be a wake-up call for many drivers to take care of their vehicles and keep them reliable.”

Recognizing that the cost for the average Canadian to replace their current vehicle with even a used vehicle is increasing, and that regular maintenance is the best bet for drivers who are looking for longevity from their rides.

“If you rely on your vehicle and need to keep it on the road, preventing problems through regular maintenance is the best way to do that,” said Berry.


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